Simone Von Helden in the Top 50 Female Telecom Executives

Simone Von Helden, Chief Legal Officer of Virgin Mobile South Africa was ranked 15th by Comms MEA in the Top 50 Female Telecom Executives. Simone joined Virgin Mobile South Africa prior to its launch in 2006, and due to her unique understanding of the regulatory, commercial, technological and human capital landscapes in the fast growing South African telecommunications market, she was appointed to the position of Chief Legal Officer in 2008. Since joining the company, von Helden has played an active role in the establishment and growth of Africa’s first MVNO. The latest project in her tenure with the company has been her involvement in a recent merger resulting in the UAE-based MVNO group, FRiENDi Group, holding a share in the company. Her strength lies in her understanding of the challenges and opportunities available to the business, and her ability to understand all aspects of the business.

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