Virgin Mobile UAE has been recognized by Telecom World Awards for providing the best customer experience.

Virgin Mobile was honored to be awarded Best customer experience at the Telecom World Awards 2019. Its the second year in a row that Virgin Mobile UAE is recognized at the Telecom World Awards, in 2018 for Best digital service.

The key objective of launching Virgin Mobile was to introduce a new customer experience for a digitally-savvy consumer, with the ultimate aim ‘to make life simple by going digital and making mobile better’. By actively listening to customers and using A/B-testing, we deliver a product and proposition that is built by and for our customers.

As the first fully digital mobile service in the world, Virgin Mobile UAE represents a paradigm shift in the mobile industry, putting control into the hands of their customers:
– No need to go to a store – download the app and get your sim card delivered to your door within an hour
– Have your ID verified and service activated on the spot
– Manage, update, pause or cancel your plan within the app.
– Customers can reduce or increase their data, international or national voice anytime
– Provides real-time usage information so customers can amend their plans according to their actual usage
– No contracts – works on a monthly subscription basis
– Contact customer care seamlessly via the app, online or via social – no IVR to navigate

From the above, it’s easy to see that Virgin Mobile is dedicated to delivering a continuous stream of mobile firsts to the UAE.