Virgin Mobile UAE wins Middle East Stevie Awards

Virgin Mobile UAE of Dubai, a business unit of Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, was ‘born digital’, providing a truly unique, innovative and fully digital mobile proposition – something never before seen in the region.

In the inaugural Middle East Stevie Awards, Virgin Mobile UAE won two 2020 Gold Stevie Awards for Excellence in Innovation in the Consumer Product and Service Industries and for their digital technology innovations in customer service.

Pioneering a completely app-based proposition, Virgin Mobile UAE’s innovative customer initiative gives customers total flexibility and convenience, putting control of their mobile service back into their hands through a simple, digital sign-up and activation process, a simple proposition, easy system architecture, minimum business rules and no eligibility criteria. They also implemented a seamless cross-channel experience however the customer prefers to communicate with them – be it text, in-app chat, email, social media or in-store.

The launch of this digital strategy symbolizes a paradigm shift in the mobile industry and disrupts the digital landscape in the region. By offering Virgin Mobile customers total flexibility and convenience and putting control of their mobile service back into their hands, Virgin Mobile UAE aims to do for the telco sector what Uber did for public transport and Netflix did for entertainment, forcing companies to re-evaluate the customer experience for the digital, always-on age.